Thursday 15th May 2014 ~ Frank Falcon presents Enigma and Code Breaking at Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park was Britain’s top code breaking centre
during World War 2 and has been credited by shortening
the war by at least 2 years.
Kept top secret until the 1970′s ¬†it was here that the
Enigma code was cracked and Frank with his great
sense of humour, will explain how it was done.

Menu @ £47.50

Canapés with a glass of Bubbly
Bubble and Squeak and Corned Beef Fritter
La Campagne Sauvignon Blanc
Loin of Lamb
Belted Leeks, Potato Floddies, Meat Gravy
La Campagne Merlot
Bread and Apple Pudding, Custard and Jam
Wartime Shortbread and Bitter Chocolate Spread
All prices include Value added Tax at the current rate

Reserve your table by calling 01296 668388

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